Startups & Projects

I have worked on several projects, ranging from pure research in physics to startups, E-commerce, Business Intelligence and Credit Risk.


My most recent projects:

a. Credit Risk Scoring (see AIRES project)
b. Churn detection on Telecoms (on early stage)
c. Hotel Demand Prediction using Neural Networks
d. Recommender Systems with Complex Networks
e. Thin film characterization using ANN on Rutherford BackScattering (RBS) spectra


In recent years I have being involved in several startup projects.
With project AIRES we received an honorable prize at MIT Portugal Enterpreneurship contest 2010 (biggest contest ever done in Portugal). With project MyRec, we were finalists at Seedcamp London 2011 - one of the greatest VC events in Europe.


Sairmais a web 2.0 portal for tourism & travel. Started 2009.

AIRES - Advanced Intelligent Risk Evaluation System

AIRES is a platform for credit risk evaluation using advanced tool from Artificial Intelligence. See more information on


Nearbiz is platform to manage promotions online. More info on

Projects on Movimento Milénio

Shared Risks Commerce

Electronic Democracy

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The best way to contact me is my email: armando.vieira (at) or skype asv133. Phone +351 916732463